Pros CPQ vs Salesforce CPQ Which is best to Optimize Sales Process

Pros CPQ vs Salesforce CPQ: In the competitive landscape of modern business, streamlining sales processes is paramount to success. Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) solutions play a pivotal role in this endeavor, automating complex pricing calculations, product configurations, and quote generation. Among the top contenders in the CPQ market are Pros CPQ and Salesforce CPQ. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of both solutions, exploring their features, benefits, comparison, external resources, and FAQs to equip you with the knowledge needed to make an informed decision for your sales team’s needs.

Understanding CPQ Solutions

Before diving into the specifics of Pros CPQ and Salesforce CPQ, it’s essential to grasp the core concepts of CPQ solutions and their significance in the sales ecosystem.

CPQ Software Overview

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software empowers sales representatives to navigate the complexities of product offerings, pricing models, and quoting processes with ease. By integrating seamlessly with CRM systems and product catalogs, CPQ solutions ensure accuracy and efficiency throughout the sales cycle.

Pros CPQ: Features and Benefits

Pros CPQ is renowned for its advanced pricing algorithms, dynamic product configuration capabilities, and real-time quoting functionality. Let’s explore its key features and benefits in detail.

Features of Pros CPQ

  1. Advanced Pricing Algorithms: Pros CPQ leverages sophisticated pricing algorithms to calculate quotes accurately based on various factors such as volume discounts, contract terms, and dynamic pricing rules.
  2. Dynamic Product Configuration: With Pros CPQ, sales representatives can configure complex product offerings on the fly, selecting from a wide range of options and configurations to meet customer requirements.
  3. Real-time Quoting and Proposal Generation: Pros CPQ enables real-time quoting and proposal generation, allowing sales teams to respond quickly to customer inquiries and generate professional-looking proposals on the spot.
  4. Integration with Various CRM and ERP Systems: Pros CPQ offers seamless integration with various CRM and ERP systems, ensuring data consistency and eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Benefits of Pros CPQ

  • Enhanced Sales Productivity: Pros CPQ streamlines the sales process, enabling sales representatives to generate quotes quickly and accurately, freeing up time for more strategic activities.
  • Improved Quote Accuracy: With advanced pricing algorithms and dynamic product configuration capabilities, Pros CPQ ensures that quotes are accurate and reflective of customer needs.
  • Faster Quote Turnaround Time: Real-time quoting and proposal generation capabilities allow sales teams to respond to customer inquiries promptly, reducing sales cycle times.
  • Better Visibility into Sales Performance: Pros CPQ provides comprehensive reporting and analytics tools, giving sales managers insights into sales performance, pipeline health, and revenue projections.

Salesforce CPQ: Features and Benefits

Salesforce CPQ, built natively on the Salesforce platform, offers robust guided selling capabilities, renewal management, and contract lifecycle management features. Let’s explore its key features and benefits.

Features of Salesforce CPQ

  1. Native Salesforce CRM Integration: Salesforce CPQ seamlessly integrates with Salesforce CRM, providing a unified platform for managing customer data, leads, and opportunities.
  2. Guided Selling Capabilities: Salesforce CPQ offers guided selling capabilities, providing sales representatives with recommendations and insights to help them navigate the sales process more effectively.
  3. Renewal and Subscription Management: With Salesforce CPQ, businesses can manage renewal and subscription contracts seamlessly, automating renewal notifications and invoicing processes.
  4. Contract Lifecycle Management: Salesforce CPQ offers robust contract lifecycle management features, allowing businesses to create, track, and manage contracts from creation to renewal.

Benefits of Salesforce CPQ

  • Seamless Integration with Salesforce Ecosystem: Salesforce CPQ is natively built on the Salesforce platform, ensuring seamless integration with other Salesforce products and third-party applications.
  • Automated Quoting Process: Salesforce CPQ automates the quoting process, reducing manual errors and streamlining sales operations.
  • Configurable Approval Workflows: Salesforce CPQ allows businesses to define configurable approval workflows, ensuring compliance and governance throughout the quoting process.
  • Enhanced Cross-selling and Upselling Opportunities: With guided selling capabilities and intelligent product recommendations, Salesforce CPQ enables sales representatives to identify cross-selling and upselling opportunities more effectively.

Comparison: Pros CPQ vs Salesforce CPQ

Now that we’ve explored the features and benefits of Pros CPQ and Salesforce CPQ individually, let’s compare them side by side to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Feature Pros CPQ Salesforce CPQ
Pricing Algorithms Advanced Standard
Product Configuration Dynamic Guided
Quoting and Proposal Generation Real-time Automated
Integration Various CRM and ERP systems Native Salesforce CRM integration
Guided Selling Limited Yes
Renewal Management No Yes
Contract Management No Yes
Customization Extensive Limited
Support Dedicated support team Salesforce support

Pros CPQ:

  • Strengths: Advanced pricing algorithms, dynamic product configuration, extensive customization options.
  • Weaknesses: Limited guided selling capabilities, lack of renewal and contract management features.

Salesforce CPQ:

  • Strengths: Native Salesforce CRM integration, robust guided selling capabilities, comprehensive contract and renewal management.
  • Weaknesses: Standard pricing algorithms, limited product configuration options.

External Resources

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Let’s address some frequently asked questions about Pros CPQ and Salesforce CPQ to provide clarity and insights.

Q: Is Pros CPQ suitable for businesses with complex pricing structures?

A: Yes, Pros CPQ’s advanced pricing algorithms and dynamic product configuration capabilities make it ideal for businesses with complex pricing needs.

Q: Can Salesforce CPQ be customized to fit specific business requirements?

A: While Salesforce CPQ offers some customization options, Pros CPQ provides more extensive customization capabilities to tailor the solution to unique business needs.

Q: Does Salesforce CPQ integrate seamlessly with Salesforce CRM?

A: Yes, Salesforce CPQ is natively built on the Salesforce platform, ensuring seamless integration with Salesforce CRM and other Salesforce products.

Q: Which CPQ solution offers better support options?

A: Pros CPQ typically provides dedicated support teams to assist customers, while Salesforce CPQ support is provided through the Salesforce customer support portal.


Choosing between Pros CPQ and Salesforce CPQ requires a thorough understanding of your business requirements, preferences, and existing technology stack. While Pros CPQ offers advanced pricing algorithms and extensive customization options, Salesforce CPQ provides seamless integration with the Salesforce ecosystem and robust contract management capabilities. By evaluating the features, benefits, and considerations of each CPQ solution, businesses can select the one that best aligns with their sales process and objectives, ultimately optimizing their sales