Salesforce CPQ vs Vlocity CPQ which is the Right CPQ Solution for Your Business

Salesforce CPQ vs Vlocity CPQ : In today’s highly competitive business landscape, companies are constantly seeking ways to streamline their sales processes, maximize efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction. Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software has emerged as a critical tool for achieving these goals, empowering businesses to generate accurate quotes, configure complex products and services, and manage pricing effectively. Among the leading CPQ solutions in the market, Salesforce CPQ and Vlocity CPQ stand out as formidable contenders. In this comprehensive comparison, we’ll delve into the features, functionalities, and suitability of Salesforce CPQ and Vlocity CPQ to help businesses make informed decisions.

Salesforce CPQ:

Salesforce CPQ is a robust solution built on the Salesforce platform, leveraging its CRM capabilities to offer seamless integration with sales processes. With Salesforce CPQ, businesses can streamline their quoting process, automate pricing approvals, and ensure accurate quotes tailored to each customer’s needs. Key features of Salesforce CPQ include:

  1. Integration with Salesforce CRM: Salesforce CPQ seamlessly integrates with Salesforce CRM, providing a unified platform for managing sales, quotes, and customer data.
  2. Product Configuration: Salesforce CPQ allows businesses to configure complex products and services with ease, enabling sales teams to create accurate quotes quickly.
  3. Price Management: With Salesforce CPQ, businesses can implement dynamic pricing rules, discounts, and promotions, ensuring competitive pricing while maintaining profitability.
  4. Quote Generation: Salesforce CPQ automates the generation of quotes, reducing manual errors and saving time for sales teams. Quotes can be customized based on customer preferences and pricing rules.
  5. Renewal Management: Salesforce CPQ offers robust renewal management capabilities, allowing businesses to automate renewal processes, track contract expiration dates, and optimize recurring revenue streams.

Vlocity CPQ:

Vlocity CPQ is a specialized CPQ solution designed for specific industries such as telecommunications, insurance, and healthcare. Leveraging industry-specific templates and configurations, Vlocity CPQ enables businesses to streamline quoting processes and accelerate sales cycles. Key features of Vlocity CPQ include:

  1. Industry-Specific Templates: Vlocity CPQ provides industry-specific templates and configurations tailored to the unique needs of sectors such as telecommunications, insurance, and healthcare.
  2. Guided Selling: Vlocity CPQ offers guided selling capabilities, helping sales teams navigate complex product catalogs and recommend the most suitable solutions for customers.
  3. Omni-Channel Sales: Vlocity CPQ supports omni-channel sales strategies, allowing businesses to engage with customers across multiple touchpoints and channels seamlessly.
  4. Policy Management: For industries such as insurance, Vlocity CPQ offers robust policy management features, enabling businesses to create and manage insurance policies efficiently.
  5. Compliance and Regulation: Vlocity CPQ helps businesses ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards, reducing the risk of regulatory issues and penalties.

Comparison Table of  Salesforce CPQ vs Vlocity CPQ 

Feature Salesforce CPQ Vlocity CPQ
Integration with CRM Fully integrated with Salesforce CRM Integration with Salesforce CRM
Product Configuration Yes Yes (Industry-specific templates)
Price Management Dynamic pricing rules, discounts, promotions Industry-specific pricing and policy management
Quote Generation Automated quote generation Guided selling for quote creation
Renewal Management Robust renewal management N/A
Industry Focus Suitable for various industries Specialized for telecommunications, insurance, healthcare
Omni-Channel Sales N/A Supported
Compliance N/A Compliance and regulation features


Q: Which CPQ solution is better for my business, Salesforce CPQ, or Vlocity CPQ?

A: The choice between Salesforce CPQ and Vlocity CPQ depends on your industry and specific requirements. Salesforce CPQ offers a broader range of features suitable for various industries, while Vlocity CPQ provides specialized solutions tailored to industries such as telecommunications, insurance, and healthcare.

Q: Can I integrate Salesforce CPQ or Vlocity CPQ with other systems?

A: Both Salesforce CPQ and Vlocity CPQ offer integration capabilities, allowing businesses to connect with other systems and applications to streamline their sales processes further.

Q: What level of support and training is available for Salesforce CPQ and Vlocity CPQ?

A: Salesforce and Vlocity provide comprehensive support and training resources for their CPQ solutions, including documentation, training courses, and community forums.


Salesforce CPQ and Vlocity CPQ are powerful solutions designed to streamline sales processes, improve efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction. While Salesforce CPQ offers a broad range of features suitable for various industries, Vlocity CPQ provides specialized solutions tailored to specific sectors such as telecommunications, insurance, and healthcare. By evaluating your business requirements and industry-specific needs, you can choose the CPQ solution that best fits your organization’s objectives and drive sales success.

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By leveraging the capabilities of Salesforce CPQ or Vlocity CPQ, businesses can optimize their quoting processes, accelerate sales cycles, and drive revenue growth in today’s dynamic marketplace.